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town of Sidney, Montana


Address: 35140 County Rd 125, Sidney, MT 59270
Phone Number: (406) 433-3301

Capacity Averages
Total Annual Beet Slice 810,000
Daily Beet Slice 6,300
Sugar Production 2.4 Million CWT
Daily Sugar Production 18,000
Number of Campaign Days 135
Year Built: 1925
Major renovations/upgrades/additions:
Acreage expansion from 38,800 to over 45,000 1996
Ten sugar storage silos 1996
Thick juice storage tank 1997
Pulp press building 1997
Beet receiving station and pile ventilation 1997
Tower Diffuser 1998
Beet receiving station and pile ventilation 2003
Lime kiln and slacker modification 2005
Boiler House Automation 2007
Number of year round employees 90
Number of seasonal employees 120 average
Number of harvest employees 60 average
Number of salaried employees 30
Agricultural Information
Number of growers 120
Number of acres planted 34,000
Tons of beet produced 800,000
Six Beet receiving stations: Culbertson, Savage, Pleasantview, Powder River, Sugar Valley, Factory
By-Products sold annually, averages in tons
Pressed Pulp 50,000
Molasses 35,000