Current Openings

Current Openings

Temporary Payroll Clerk

Assists in completion of bi-weekly factory union payroll, and helps verifies attendance incident activities to ensure accuracy, validity, and the timely processing of payroll information. Helps check all daily time entries for accuracy. Helps verify all union employee payroll files are complete and reflective of how each employee is to be paid. Assists our supervisors to complete employee time recording in a timely manner to meet payroll deadlines. Responds to hire/rehired inquiries as needed or requested. Maintain and order pertinent payroll supplies as needed. Insures hand scan tracking equipment is in proper working order. Assists with employee initial hand scan entry into payroll systems for insuring proper employee time payment.

To be successful in this position requires basic knowledge and experience of payroll and accounting functions and computer systems normally gained through the completion of a one to two year accounting or business related coursework with a minimum of two years related work experience. This person must be able to find and correct errors in a timely manner and be able to communicate easily with co-workers. Experience with Microsoft Outlook products such as Excel and Word is also required. Experience with JD Edward or Workday payroll systems would be helpful. This position also requires a very high degree of accuracy, and excellent organizational skills. This position must also become familiar with our union contract to ensure accuracy in payment to our union employees.


We are looking for a motivated individual to join our team at Sidney Sugars Incorporated, located in Sidney, MT as an Agriculturist. The purpose of this position is to provide agronomic expertise to growers in the production of a high quality beet crop that increases the recoverable sugar per acre. Manage harvest operations and beet storage for assigned areas. Manage grower relationships within corporate guidelines to attract and retain sugar beet growers.

The principal accountabilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Make recommendations to assist growers in the production of a high quality beet crop with an increase in recoverable sugar and minimal production costs.

  • Maintain Agriculture Reporting System to ensure appropriate information is available for decision making purposes.

  • Maintain current knowledge of new research and technological changes to ensure growers receive up-to-date information on sugar beet agriculture.

  • Assist in the implementation of new technology in crop production.

  • Assist growers with harvest equipment and improved harvest techniques to maximize sugar recovery per acre.

  • Effectively manage receiving stations, supervise harvest crews, and ensure compliance with Company policies during harvest.

  • Properly cool, store, monitor, and reload the sugar beets at their station to maximize factory operations.

To be successful in this position requires an agri-business background typically gained through the completion of a degree in Agronomy, Ag Economics or a related field with two to three years of experience. Effective oral and written communications skills, supervisory skills and the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with growers are also required. A valid driver’s license is required. CCA certification preferred.

To apply, send resume or application to Mandi Johnk at by Monday, November 21, 2016. Internal and external candidates will be considered simultaneously.

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Factory Laborers

  • Starting wage is $16.02 an hour
  • Chance to advancement to stations that pay $17.61 and higher
  • On the job training
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Paid holidays
  • Overtime available
  • Most of the work is indoors

Our factory in Sidney, Montana, promotes a work environment that values team work, experience, training, and safety.

  • Apply in person at Sidney Sugars
  • Call 406-433-9320 for more information.


Instrument TECH

Sidney Sugars Incorporated is seeking an INSTRUMENT TECH for their sugarbeet factory in Sidney, Montana.

Requirements of the job:

  • Understanding of instrument terminology and definitions
  • Knowledge of pneumatic and electronic instrumentation
  • Knowledge of transmitters and of computers in process control
  • Responsible for installation, troubleshooting, isolation, and repair of instruments
  • Mechanical and mathematical aptitude
  • Must pass the employer administered written instrumentation test.

Starting wage is $23.99/hour, $28.71 and full time when competence has been proven.

Benefits for the successful candidate include:

  • Insurance for medical, dental,  and life
  • Short term disability
  • Pension and 401(k)
  • Pay for vacation, sick, and holiday

Send resume to: