Harvest & Storage

Harvest and Storage

After the completion of the growing season, Sidney area growers typically begin harvesting sugarbeets in early October. Once stockpile harvest begins, operations run quickly until the full harvestable sugarbeet acreage is lifted from field. Throughout harvest growers transport their sugarbeets by truck to designated receiving stations. The sugarbeets are then stored at the outlying piling stations until they are trucked to the factory for processing.


In order to store beets more effectively, Sidney Sugars utilizes many techniques to help the beets cool down. Cooling or freezing of the beets helps reduce spoilage and retain the sugar in the beets before it’s extracted in the factory. An effective technique is to pile the beets over large ventilation tubes and then let the cool ambient air help cool down the piles or attach industrial fans to the tubes to circulate cold air through the piles.